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Motoren & Magnete

Saia synchronous motors

Available with rotary and linear movements. Bidirectional also unidirectional variants. Voltages from 3 volts to 230 volts. Combinations also possible with gearboxes.

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Motoren & Magnete

Saia stepper motors

A wide variety of stepper motors: In rotary and linear series. Additional electronic controls are also available.
- Step angle between 7.5° to 18°.
- Rotary and linear variants.
- Comprehensive range of control electronics.

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Motoren & Magnete

Saia gearbox

Different designs for different torques. VK2 max. torque 20 cNm up to V250 with a max. torque of 2500 cNm.
- Many designs for different torques.
- Possible gear ratios from 4:1 to 6048000:1.
- Can be combined with rotary motors

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Motoren & Magnete

Ledex actuating solenoids, solenoids, linear solenoids and rotary solenoids

The comprehensive range of rotary solenoids & linear solenoids (solenoids) from high performance and leading edge technology to low cost volume products is covered. Wide range of actuating solenoids (rotary and linear) with high quality for demanding applications as well as low cost versions for high volume series.

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Motoren & Magnete

Dormeyer Rotating Actuating Magnets

Rotary solenoids include high performance, variable position BTA® Series Brushless Torque Actuators. Ultimag® bi-directional actuators and Rotary Series with their widest range of series. Linear Actuators Linear solenoids include STA® Series Tubulars, Low Profile linear solenoids for applications where space is at a premium, Soft Shift® for near continuous solenoid force, and Dormeyer® Open Frames. Product Catalogs

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    What are the characteristics of a synchronous motor?

    A synchronous motor is similar in many details to a DC motor without brushes. The main difference between a DC motor and a synchronous motor is the currents that are impressed into the standard windings by the integrated control. While the windings of a DC motor are composed of negative and positive current blocks, sinusoidal currents can be measured in a synchronous stepper motor.


    Structure and mode of operation of a synchronous motor

    In general, you can assume that a synchronous motor is constructed like a brushless DC motor. The windings are attached to the stator in both types of motors. The rotor is equipped with permanent magnets. In larger synchronous stepper motors, so-called excitation windings are attached to the rotor instead of permanent magnets to generate the required magnetic field. When the magnetic poles acting on the rotor are at right angles to the stator, the maximum torque is achieved.


    Order synchronous motors from a powerful partner

    All synchronous motors that we offer you on our website are characterized by maximum performance and excellent product quality. We offer you high-quality synchronous motors in various designs. You can purchase a synchronous stepper motor from our Saia model series with either linear or rotary movements with voltages between 3 and 230 V. On request we deliver your new synchronous motor together with the suitable gearbox. Furthermore we offer additional control electronics for your new powerful synchronous motor. Do you have questions about our products or would you like an individual complete solution? Call us or send us your inquiry via the contact form. Our company is looking forward to welcoming you as a new customer.


    Saia synchronous motors, stepper motors, control electronics and gearboxes

    Saia synchronous motors, stepper motors, control electronics and gearboxes Saia – The specialist for automation and controls. Products with direct added value for our customers. Saia synchronous motors, stepper motors, control electronics and gearboxes with a long life cycle and trouble-free and reliable operation. Products already installed can be adapted to changing needs at any time.

    Differences between different stepper motors

    Stepper motors are also known as synchronous motors. Depending on the design, stepper motors are permanent magnet motors or a design in reluctance motors. The two different motor types can be combined to form a hybrid stepper motor. The rotor of a reluctance stepper motor is made of a toothed soft iron core. This ensures that there are no residual magnetic fields after the motor is switched off and that the current flows unhindered through soft iron core after switching on. Rotor rotation is achieved by minimizing the distance between the closest tooth and the stator by reducing magnetic resistance.


    Order high quality stepper motors online

    For decades, we have been supplying well-known companies in all industries with electronic and electromechanical components as well as complete, individual system solutions. With us, you can order not only a high-quality stepper motor, but also the suitable control electronics and gearbox. You can choose your stepper motor with a voltage between 3 and 230 volts. Do you have any questions about our products or do you need a system solution tailored to your needs? Call us, our competent staff will be happy to advise you.

    Buy powerful synchronous motor from a specialist

    Already for many years we have specialized as a system supplier in electronics and electromechanics. Among other things, we offer our customers optimal system solutions in the form of microswitches, cable assemblies and assemblies in a reliable quality. This is also certified by DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. The components we offer meet the highest standards of resilience and safety. Our wide-ranging warehouse is equipped with all common DIN and standard components. This enables us to execute even short-term orders quickly and flexibly. In addition to the delivery of individual assortments, we also take over the series production for you. In doing so, we are able to handle large capacities in the shortest possible time. Furthermore, we also offer prototyping, which allows you to get an impression of the high quality of our products in advance. Our customers include various industrial companies that place different demands on the products. Our industry-specific application knowledge and state-of-the-art production facilities enable us to meet the needs of various industries. Our extensive product selection includes the synchronous motor, which offers maximum performance as well as excellent quality.

    What characterizes a synchronous motor?

    Before we present the synchronous motors from our range, it should first be clarified what characterizes a synchronous motor. Basically, it can be said that the synchronous motor is similar to a DC motor without brushes. A synchronous motor is a single-phase and three-phase machine. The biggest difference compared to the DC motor is the sinusoidal currents. The rotor has permanent magnets and windings are attached to the stator. In larger versions of the synchronous motor, excitation windings are attached instead of permanent magnets. The operation of the synchronous motor is easy to explain. Since there are magnetic bonds in the rotating field and in the rotor, there is a synchronous movement to the alternating voltage. The speed is related to the frequency of the alternating voltage. Compared to other types of motors, the synchronous motor has many advantages. On the one hand there is an omission of the commutator. There is no wear of the brushes and there is an increase in efficiency. On the other hand, synchronous motors have a rigid coupling of the speed. This is particularly suitable for applications in which a stable and constant speed is required.

    Which synchronous motors can be found in our product selection?

    Since synchronous motors have to meet high standards of safety and quality, we ensure constant compliance with standards and directives. One of the manufacturers we trust is Saia. Saia is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers in the field of electronics. Saia products convince with a long life cycle as well as reliable operation. As a system supplier, we trust in the many years of manufacturing experience as well as the high quality of Saia’s products. From Saia we offer you both a synchronous motor with a rotary motion and one with a linear motion. In addition to bidirectional versions, you can also find unidirectional variants in our range. Saia synchronous motors offer a wide range of voltages. From 3 volts up to 230 volts can be achieved. All our synchronous motors are supplied with a suitable gearbox at your request. If you are looking for a reliable and competent partner for synchronous motors, please feel free to contact us. You can reach our friendly team by e-mail as well as by phone.

    Produktkataloge zu unseren Magneten

    We carry magnets of the brands Ledex, Dormeyer, Saia-Burgess and have designs in standard variants – or assembled with cable – available from stock! Also alternatives to the other manufacturers!

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