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Saia-Burgess timing relay

For all time-dependent processes, such as fixed, adjustable or calibrated pulses. Single or repetitive, on-delay or off-delay.

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Saia-Burgess energy meter

For measuring, displaying and calculating individual energy consumption. The smallest with the unique functions for saving energy. Saia-Burgess control relay. For conservation & protection of industrial equipment; against over- and undervoltage, phase unbalance and phanse loss.

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Saia-Burgess counter

To record or guide all processes that can generate pulses that display energy, volume, weights or distances.

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Saia-Burgess operating hours counter

Based on quartz or mains frequency, for measuring operating times and summation of the time switched on.

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Temperature displays

Control of temperature controlled processes. Microprocessor controlled digital display for recording & displaying temperature readings.

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    What services can we offer you?

    Today our company has a wide range of products from the fields of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, energy management and water systems. In this area we offer a wide range of small devices and CPUs, drives, valves, etc. for facilities for power generation and water supply, for telecommunications and for the networking of traffic routes as well as HVACSE facilities. The product range includes everything a company needs for the automation of its technical infrastructure.

    Competent service team

    As automation specialists, we offer modular control products for commercial infrastructure in many areas, versatile solutions. Our Saia-Burgess products are characterized by durability, but also compatibility and portability. You therefore get products from us that are characterized by a long life cycle, profitability, but also sustainability, comfort and energy efficiency. If your automation system is no longer up to today’s standards and you want to modernize, we are the right partner for you.

    Saia S Energy - energy costs under control with ready-to-use energy management solution

    Bus-capable electricity meter and operating panel for graphical evaluation

    • – Easy to install by electricians
    • – Extendable to IT
    • – Efficient already in the investment
    S-Energy - the simple entry into energy management

    S-Energy makes it easy to record and provide energy-related consumption values. In addition to uncomplicated installation and operation, the main focus of the design was on maximum flexibility: Install the electricity meter at the consumer using the familiar installation technique, connect it to the S-Energy Manager via a simple two-wire line, and the energy values are already shown on the display. The S-Energy Manager can also be connected to the company network, enabling convenient evaluation and operation from an office PC.

    Ready for use out of the package

    • – SW installations or tricky configurations not necessary

    Installation that grows with you

    • – Additional consumers can be subsequently connected at any time
    • – Prepared for integration into company network and data transfer to IT
    • – Communication to automation and control level included

    Capture energy without large investment

    • – Entry into energy management in calculable steps
    • – No long decision paths
    Bus-capable electricity meters - targeted energy recording per consumer

    S-Energy electricity meters are designed using established installation technology and fit on DIN rails of commercially available distribution boxes. The electrical work (electricity meter) but also electrical quantities such as current, voltage, active and reactive power as well as the power factor cosφ are recorded. Integrated in a bus system with an extension of up to 1 km, the values are transmitted to the S-Energy Manager for evaluation and logging.

    • – 1- and 3-phase energy meters up to 1500 A
    • – MID-tested – approved for billing purposes
    Remote access - reading electricity with PC and Internet

    Gone are the days of cumbersome and error-prone meter readings with paper and pencil. If S-Energy Manager is connected to a network (LAN), meter reading and operation can also be carried out via standard PCs with standard browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc.. Special software installations are not necessary. If there is a connection to the Internet, this even works across locations.

    The boss is happy and the electrician is spared the monthly walk.

    Saia-Burgess control components

    Saia-Burgess offers a wide range of control components for various applications: Time relays, hour meters, energy meters, pulse counters and monitoring relays.
    Many designs available from stock in standard variants or assembled with cable! Also alternatives to the other manufacturers!

    Further products
    Motoren & Magnete

    Motors & Magnets

    Steuern & Automatisieren

    Control & Automate

    Optische Sensoren

    Optical sensors



    Membrane keypads


    Switching technology

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