There are supplier companies which distinguish between their A and B customers; who give the so-called "premium customers" more time and let others wait their turn behind them. Sicatron, however, always acts according to the axiom that each customer and each project is just the same in terms of importance.
We create solutions and namely, for every job that is sent to us. Intensive consultation and partnership, joint development of solutions are always in the foreground. And most important of all: We listen to you. Sicatron forms a team with its customers’ development departments: This teamwork has proved to be very expedient, because Sicatron adapts its expertise from the switch and cable assembly sector to the respective task - and to the individual requirements and expectations of its customers.

We try to make this interface as easy as possible for our customers. With flat hierarchies, with direct contact partners, with trouble-free communication, a proactive approach and of course, with the option to manufacture customised samples for testing purposes.

And: We have learned from each individual project and have continued to develop our tasks over the past years. Every project is a challenge that we gladly accept - with passion and service orientation - no matter whether it is for a "big" engineering company or a "small" producer of air conditioning technology.