Available with rotary and linear movements. Unidirectional and bidirectional versions. Voltages from 3 volts to 230 volts. Combinations with gears also possible.

A wide variety of stepper motors: in rotary and linear series. Additional electronic controls are also available.

  • Step angle between 7.5 ° to 18 °
  • Rotary and linear versions
  • Full range of control electronics

Different designs for different torques. VK2 max. Torque 20 cNm up to the V250 with a max. Torque of 2500 cNm.

  • Many designs for different torques
  • Possible gear ratios from 4:1 to 6048000:1
  • combined with rotary engines


What characterises a synchronous motor?

A synchronous motor is similar in many details to a DC motor without brushes. The main difference between a DC motor and a synchronous motor is in currents, which are induced in the standard windings by the integrated controller. While the windings of a DC motor are composed of negative and positive current blocks, sinusoidal currents can be measured in a synchronous stepper motor.

Design and operation of a synchronous motor

In general, you can assume that a synchronous motor is designed as a brushless DC motor. The windings are attached to the stator with both motor types. The rotor is equipped with permanent magnets. With larger synchronous stepper motors, so-called excitation windings which generate the required magnetic field are mounted on the rotor instead of permanent magnets. When the magnetic poles act on the rotor is at a right angle to the stator, the maximum torque is reached.

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All synchronous motors that we offer on our website are characterised by maximum efficiency and excellent product quality. We offer you high-quality synchronous motors in various designs. You can purchase a synchronous stepper motor from our Saia model series with either linear or rotating movements with voltages between 3 and 230 V. On request, we can supply your new synchronous motor with the appropriate gear. We also offer additional control electronics for your new powerful synchronous motor. Do you have questions about our products or would you like a customised comprehensive solution? Call us or send us your request via our contact form. Our company will be happy to welcome you as a new customer.

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Our company today has a wide range of products in the fields of heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology, energy management and water systems. In this sector, we offer you a wide range of small devices and CPUs, drives, valves, etc. for use in facilities for power generation and water supply, telecommunications and networking of traffic routes as well as HEAVAC equipment. The product range contains everything a company needs for the automation of its technical infrastructure.

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As an automation specialist, we offer versatile solutions in modular control and regulation products for the commercial infrastructure in many areas. Our Saia-Burgess products are characterised by their durability, but also their compatibility and portability. The products you receive from us are distinguished by a long life cycle, profitability and also by sustainability, comfort and energy efficiency. If your automation system no longer meets the present state of the art and you want to modernise, we are the right partner for you.