Saia-Burgess Zeitrelais

For all time-dependent processes, such as fixed, adjustable or calibrated pulses. Single or repetitierbar, suit or OFF-delay execution.

Saia-Burgess Energiezähler

To measure, display and billing of individual energy consumption. The smallest of the unique features to save energy.

Saia-Burgess Zähler

For recording or management of all processes that can produce pulses of energy, volume, weights or distances ads. 

Saia-Burgess Betriebsstundenzähler

Based on quartz or frequency, to measure operating times and summation of the time they. 


Control of temperature-controlled processes. Microprocessor-controlled digital display for measuring and displaying temperature readings.

S-Energy - the easy entry into the energy management


With S-energy capture and providing energy-related fuel consumption is quite simple. In the design was laid beside straightforward to install and operate primarily to reach a high degree of flexibility: electric meter attached in a conventional installation technology with consumers, connected via a simple two-wire line with the S-Energy Manager and you are the energy values ​​on the display. The S-Energy Manager will also be connected to the corporate network - so convenient operation and evaluation done by an office PC.

Out of the box ready

  • Software installations or tricky configurations not necessary

Installation that adapts

  • Additional consumers can intrude at any time afterwards
  • Prepared for integration into the corporate network and data transfer to IT
  • Communication to automation and control systems including

Energy capture without the big investment

  • Entry into the energy management in predictable steps
  • No long decision paths

Bus-compatible power meter - energy capture per target consumers

Busfähige Stromzähler

S-Energy meters are designed to fit into an established technology and installation on DIN rails commercial distribution boxes. It covers the electrical work (power meter) but also electrical quantities such as current, voltage, active power and reactive power and power factor cos. Involved in a bus system with an expansion of up to 1 km, the values ​​are transmitted to the S-Energy Manager for evaluation and reporting.

  • 1 - and 3-phase energy meters to 1500 A
  • MID-tested - zuglassen for billing purposes

Remote access - with PC and Internet


Gone are the cumbersome and error-prone meter readings with paper and pencil. Are S-Energy Manager with a network (LAN), reading and operation can also be made using standard PCs with standard browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc. take place. Special software installations are not necessary. Is there a connection to the Internet, does it even cross-site.

The boss says it saves it every month and the electrician foot marches.

Saia-Burgess control components

Saia-Burgess offers a wide range of control components for various Ensatzgebiete: timing, hour meter, power meters, pulse counters and control relays. Many designs in standard versions or with cable assembly in stock! Alternatives to the other manufacturers!