Saia-Burgess S-Energy-System

Saia S Energy energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions has become a key issue in the automated system has become. Saia-Burgess has implemented with its S-energy system of this topic in industrial engineering solutions for end users, machine builders and system integrators. The core of the system is designed as an Energy Manager control panel. The Bus-coupled output of the system are 1 and 3 phase electric energy meters to 6000 A. Both are from Saia-Burgess designed and manufactured.

Micro switches

Micro switches are a fundamental part in the wide product range of electronic & automation Sicatron GmbH & Co. KG. Micro switches are used for a variety of automated industry. The top priority in the selection of micro-switches have the aspects of functionality, durability and safety. This is guaranteed by the micro-switch Saia-Burgess, a Swiss company that is among the market leaders in the areas of process manufacturers, command and control elements.

A micro-switch Saia-Burgess promises solid and reliable quality in their respective fields of application. In our product range Sicatron we present various microswitches / snap-action switch in the appropriate subcategories. Here you will find our popular standard micro switches and the ultra-miniature and subminiature versions and explosion-proof switch, switch with double break, door and rocker switches and position switches.

The company Sicatron offers the complete range of procurement and stocking of electromechanical and electronic components and subsystems (cable assembly).

Snap switches

Snap switches are switches with a transition mechanism that allows for extremely fast switching, virtually independent of the activation period. Thus, the shift points are accurately reproduced and the arc is better deleted.
Snap switches are designed for industrial applications that place high demands on the reliability of components and systems. Enables you to safely and precisely control both flows and loads. Depending on the model, up to 10 million times mechanical snap system and the electrical contact system are separate in many series: The mechanical properties of the snap-spring system are not affected by the resulting heat flow. in contrast to the simple interruption.


Sensors are technical components, the physical or chemical properties such as: can temperature, light, humidity, pressure and the material nature of its environment collect qualitative or quantitative. These variables are measured by physical or chemical effects, and converted into electrical signals. For the measurement technique is used in DIN 1319-1, the term transducer measurements.

Sensors can be classified according to size and production technology as well as on the use and purpose. A distinction is sensors according to their mode of action during the forming of the sizes in passive and active sensors.

In the art sensors in automated processes play an important role as signal transducer. Be covered by them values ​​or states, usually electrically-amplified electronically, in the corresponding control processes, which triggers the appropriate action. In recent years, the subsequent signal processing is performed increasingly in the sensor. Such sensors include a microprocessor or a micro-system and have intelligence, so they are also known as a smart sensor.