Sicatron production relies on modern technology and certified quality standards. This alone does not guarantee successful application solutions. Another factor is the order and structure of the production in which the processes are optimised and run efficiently - from incoming goods to the production lines and up to the warehouse and shipping of our products. Here, everything has its place because order and cleanliness are of particular importance in production operations, where the highest precision is involved.

The second factor as with any manual activity is the “human factor”: The expert competence in the various manufacturing areas and the high quality awareness are important here – in the process, the manufacturing team is responsible for the quality of all work results with diligence and with dedication. At Sicatron, we promote the enjoyment of our employees at work, supported by appealing and bright premises. We are convinced that optimal results can only be achieved with optimal working conditions.

This has been confirmed by high customer satisfaction since 2007.
Get to know the production at Sicatron. Arrange for an appointment and visit us - we will be happy to show you what we mean by a modern manufacturing facility.